3rd Hazel Grove Scout Group's

Rules and Conditions of Entry

Starts on the first Saturday in September and is organised by the 3rd Hazel Grove Scout Group affiliated to the Long Distance Walkers' Association (LDWA) - Click to enter the Group's site

1. The objective is to complete a 56 mile circular starting and finishing at Hazel Grove, visiting and registering at specified checkpoints in the correct order, within 24 hours beginning at 12:00hrs noon on the Saturday

2. At 12:00 hrs noon on the Sunday all checkpoints will be closed down, no responsibility can be accepted for transporting any hiker to Hazel Grove after this time unless the hiker reports to a checkpoint before that time.

3. In accordance with the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 1996, all entrants under 18 years of age must be members of the Scout and Guide Associations or walk with their parent or legal guardian.

4. Application for entry must be made either via or website or on an official form (or photocopy)

5. Entries must be accompanied with the fee made payable to “3rd Hazel Grove Supporters Association”.

6. The normal closing date for entries is 31st August, however entries may be accepted on the day for an additional fee.

7. Strong, substantial walking shoes or boots are recommended.

8. Legs should be covered, except that during DAYLIGHT hours shorts may be worn

9. Each hiker must wear or carry the following minimum equipment in a rucksack or bum-bag:-
a) 1:50000 (min scale) Ordnance Survey maps covering the route
b) Compass and whistle
c) Torch inc. spare batteries and bulb
d) Waterproof jacket
e) Waterproof trousers
f) Spare sweater and socks
g) Emergency rations
h) Mug and additional food (drinks and some food is available on the hike)
i) First aid kit which must include triangular bandage, 2” bandage, assorted sticking plasters, safety pins – all in a waterproof container.

10. ALL HIKERS must carry plainly in view at all times on their front and on their rucksack at the rear a square of white luminous material at least 9” square or equivalent or so that they may be more easily seen by approaching traffic.

11. Hikers must report to the Scout HQ next to 2 Macclesfield Rd Hazel Grove, Stockport GRef SJ925862 between 9:00 and 11:30 hours on the Saturday for registration and kit check. (Spot kit checks may be made at any time during the event)

12. AT DUSK hikers will be formed into groups (minimum of three) at checkpoints, hikers must keep to these groups until they are split by a checkpoint officer at DAY LIGHT. Bonus time is allowed whilst groups are being formed.

13. In case of finding an accident, hikers must render all possible assistance by leaving someone with the casualty, notifying the nearest checkpoint, giving details of the casualty’s condition, hike number and an exact 6 figure map reference. Bonus time will, of course, be applied.

14. No bonus time will be given for refreshments during the hike.

15. Hikers may only RETIRE at a roadside checkpoint, by registering and handing in their tally card. Official transport will be provided back to Hazel Grove HQ

16. Hikers may be DISQUALIFIED for:-
a) Receiving help of any sort from spectators
b) Losing his/her tally card
c) Not wearing or carrying the required clothing/equipment
d) If, in the opinion of a checkpoint official or other Hike Official, he or she is unfit to continue the hike, thus endangering themselves or others
e) Failing to maintain groups after these have been formed
f) Not passing through all the checkpoints in the correct order
g) Failing to comply with the rules to the satisfaction of the Organisers. (The Organisers will have no qualms about disqualifying any entrant who acts stupidly or dangerously or who breaks the rules)

17. Hikers must respect Farm Property, honour the Country Code and keep to footpaths. On no account must short cuts be taken across private property or farm land.
The success of the event is dependant upon every participant following the country code and these rules.

18.The organiser’s decision is final. Whilst every precaution will be taken to ensure people’s safety, no liability can be accepted by the Organisers in the event of an accident.
Hikers take part in the event entirely at their own risk.

19. The TROPHY and CERTIFICATE presentation will be made at 10:00 hours on the Sunday. Winners and successful participants are expected to attend the presentation.

20. Receipt of entry and final details will be sent out during August.